Corporate Travel

    Corporate Travel Program by The Bargain Travelers

    No need to hire an in-house travel assistant. Our team is here to help with all your corporate travel needs, and we act as your in-house booking specialist!

    Ready to simplify your travel booking system?

    How it works:
    • We create a special mailbox for your employees to use for all travel-related inquiries and planning. Your staff submits trip dates and details via email, and our team gets to work!
    • Using your expense reporting and travel guidelines, we assemble three flight options and three hotel options, plus rental car details (if needed) back to your employees to fit their schedule.
    • We book the travel for your employees and invoice you for their travel! And they have a dedicated team to help them should any issues arise, and they have full control over flight and hotel changes, if needed. Our companies pay a small retainer for travel, and our invoices are always “topping up” your account. So, instead of processing expense reports with flights, hotels, and rental cars for every employee in your company, process one invoice! 

    We're all about giving back.

    If you’re a registered non-profit organization, you can receive a 10% donation on all corporate travel booked through our site using your company code. Or, give your individual company code to your employees to book their personal travel and 10% of their travel bookings will go back to your organization!

    Booking done for you with the benefits you need.

    • With simplified billing and a booking retainer, you’ll be paying one invoice for all your employees on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, not 3 expense items per trip per employee.
    • Non-profits can earn 10% every quarter in donations back to their organization.
    • No need to purchase travel insurance. Every trip booked with our corporate travel program includes travel insurance including lost luggage costs, flight cancellations, and more.
    • You’ll save an average of 15% on all company travel including hotels, flights, and rental cars.
    • Your employees can still use their reward programs (frequent flier miles, hotel rewards, rental car upgrade points, etc) for themselves.
    • Every 25 nights booked through our system banks your organization a free night’s stay in select hotels. Give them away as prizes at the office holiday party, save them for a special client, or use them on every day travel to save money. 

    Ready to simplify your travel booking system?

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